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Claro Intelecto : Signifier : Peace Of Mind EP

VRIL : Torus VIII : Torus : Giegling Germany

Seven Davis Jr. :  P.A.R.T.Y. : Apron 09 

MGMT : Mystery Disease : MGMT

Connan Mockasin : She Lives In My Lap : B-Side [PH31]

Buz Ludzha  : Rave With Love : All City

Todd Osborn : 5thep : Blueberry Records [Preview]

Fairuz : Shady

Nouhad Wadi Haddad (born November 21, 1935), known as Fairuz ‎, also spelled Fairouz or Fayrouz, meaning “Turquoise” in Arabic) is a Lebanese singer who is among the most widely admired and deeply respected living singers in the Arab world Her songs are constantly heard throughout the region, and still spark Lebanese national pride. She was first noticed at the International Festival of Baalbek, where she performed many of her songs. She became famous after appearing on the “Lebanese Nights” part of the festival for many successive years. Fairuz is commonly known as “Ambassador to the Stars”, “Neighbor to the Moon” (for her famous song about the moon of Machgara), and the “Jewel of Lebanon”.

Fairuz : ‘A Hadir il-Bosta (The bus song)

once upon a time: three daily flights from Beirut to Jerusalem! From Beirut to Haifa From Haifa to Beirut the History Can’t be changed.